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In the Chinese supermarket, there are lots of sign “Fruits no try “. The photos are from Jmart Supermarket in NY.

I remember when I was 6 years old, my mom took me to buy the melon seed. After the payment, mom or other adults always took one more handful of melon seeds and said, ” Just a little bit, give me some discount.” The seller couldn’t do anything with helpless expression.

With this memory, when I was in the Chinese Supermarket in New York, there are signs besides the food to stop people tasting.

However, with the same Chinese heritage in Taiwan, it is totally different compared to the Chinese Supermarket in U.S.  Any food can be tasted. And the sellers are happy to invite you to have a taste. One day I went to the morning market. There was a young guy who was selling the tofu Jelly. He said, “Please come here to enjoy the tofu Jelly. If you finish, please keep the bowl and I will invite you to taste another flavor.”

There were five or six middle-aged women standing around him and eating the Tofu Jelly. All of them were so happy and enjoyable. This scene is impossible in mainland of China. If there is, the sellers won’t come next time.

Why it is different even they are all Chinese? I think after 1949, there happened lots of revolutions in mainland of China. Chinese suffered hungry, poverty for such a long time. They just formed an idea to save money and food.

They rack their brains to get everything as much as possible. If there are free food or anything free, they won’t lose this chance.

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